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Total Workwear draws upon more than 14 years of experience to deliver best-in-class workwear. Based in Hull, Yorkshire, our company carries out garment printing and embroidery services that will give your business the edge with compelling uniforms that set you apart from the crowd.

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Choosing Printed or Embroidered Garments

Whether you select printed or embroidered garments is mostly down to your personal preference. Some clients prefer the style of an embroidered logo or text, while others enjoy the crisp, clean, sharp appearance of a printed garment. If waterproofing is important in your line of work, you may wish to opt for the printed option, as the process of embroidery involves piercing a garment many times with needles.


The term “embroidery” refers to the process of using a machine to create text or logos on a garment by stitching with thread. It is a long-lasting, professional look that complements any garment well. However, it is sometimes difficult to make out small details on logos with this method.

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Garment Printing

Garment printing is an increasingly popular technique that produces crisp, focused results. It is especially good when your organisation has a logo with fine detail. Printing is available for all types of garments. Please note, however, that some garments have coatings that will not allow the printing to adhere. Our team will notify you in the event that your chosen garment is not suitable for printing.